6 Creative Web Design Best Practices

In today’s mobile and on-the-go world, it is pertinent to stay connected to your customers all the time. And what’s a better medium than a website to achieve this? While websites play an important role to shape the success of your business, have you wondered if your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and search engine optimized? If you are not sure about these questions, read on to understand the best practices in we​​b de​sign business which everyone should know.

1. Simple navigation

You don’t want to play hide and seek with your visitors. Give them what they want and they will place you on top of everyone else. Try to make your navigation as simple as possible – so much so that the visitor is able to locate everything that he or she is looking for in just one click.

If you have too much content to show up, look for a web designer who is able to create a sophisticated navigation for you.

2. Social media connections

Social media is yet another web de​sign practice which everyone should adopt and accept. Don’t shy away from placing all your socia​l m​​e​d​ia icons on your website. This increases user engagement and even conversion rates.

Don’t place these highly essential engagement tools at the bottom of your page. Instead, place them in the header and let your visitors feel your presence all over the internet.

3. Quality content

If your focus has been shifted from content generation to business-making, then it’s about time you undo your mistake, a grave one indeed! Today, content is the king and your visitor will abandon you if the king does not serve him well. Even the search engines are placing websites with quality content in the top search results. By content, we mean your text, photos, videos, everything, that goes on your website. It should be more than just appealing.

4. Blogs

Another web design prac​tice that serves as an amazing engage​ment tool is blogging. Search engines prefer websites that are constantly updated and blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this. You can write blogs on topics that are relevant to your business and products. Try to upload at least two blog posts per week to entice your visitor to check your site often and rank higher in se​arch engine results.

5. Responsive website

The importance of a respon​​s​iv​e​ web design has been explained time and again by experts and web designers.

As the mobility of the audience increases, the need for a responsive design increases exponentially. Responsiveness means your website has the capability to automatically adjust to the screen on which it is being displayed, from desktops, to tablets, to smartphones, etc.

6. Choice of fonts

As you load some amazing pictures and high quality videos on your website, don’t take away your sight from the visual appeal of the textual content. Ask your web designer how your textual content can be made to look more appealing to the visitors. Pay special attention to the typography for best results.

Don’t miss out on these amazing web design pra​​ctices to reach out to maximum visitors and increases your sales. 

Authored by Carl Hartley. Carl is one of the lead web designers if the british web ​design community. He is known to utilize all the good practices there are when designing a website. His work has been frequently displayed at online and offline forums and events as a specimen of modern web design. To know more about his work, visit: